All BPS Bioscience Lentiviral products are supplied as ready-to-use viral particles.  Uses include

  - Stable cell line generation
  - Protein expression or protein knockout
  - Detection method for biochemical assays and reporter assays (GFP, luciferase)

BPS’s lentivirus are enveloped viruses that enter cells by membrane fusion.  Our lentivirus have been VSV-G pseudotyped; this means that the virus consist of vector particles bearing glycoproteins derived from other enveloped viruses—in this case, vesicular stomatitis virus GP (VSV-G).  VSV-G pseudotyping provides stability and a very broad host range, making these virus particles especially useful to target a wide range of cell types. 

Lentivirus Advantages

  • Can infect both actively-dividing and non-dividing cells, whereas most viruses can only infect mitotically-active cells
  • Can infect a wide range of cell stages
  • Ideal for transducing primary cells or stem cells, which can be resistant to other transduction methods 
  • Size of inserted DNA can be up to 10 kb
  • Long-term stable expression of a transgene
  • Low immunogenicity, low toxicity, and transduction efficiencies can be extremely high (up to 100%)

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