Phosphodiesterase Screening & Profiling

Phosphodiesterase (PDE) enzymes are a group of 11 protein families that catalyze the hydrolysis of a phosphodiester bond. This typically applies to cyclic nucleotide PDEs that convert cGMP to GMP and cAMP to AMP. However, some PDEs also break the phosphodiester backbone of DNA and RNA, or phosphodiester bonds of lipids. PDE inhibitors that lead to increased cGMP or cAMP second messenger signaling have been identified as new therapeutics for a variety of conditions including hypertension, coronary artery disease, asthma, COPD, neurological conditions, and infectious diseases, such as malaria.

We offer the largest selection of PDE services available, including selections for mouse, rat, and dog PDEs. Our team of experts, using our in-house developed biochemical assay kits, can provide:

  • Screening for activity and selectivity across our full panel or just select targets
  • Determination of IC50
  • Project guidance and questions answered in a timely manner
  • Delivery of detailed results promptly and on time
PDE Screening and Profiling Services

If follow-up studies are required, we can provide the same active proteins as the ones used in our assays.

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Note: Not all targets will have a commercially available reference control. Please inquire with our team if you need to furnish your own controls for specific targets.