Compound Submissions

Prior to shipping your compounds, please review our Compound Submission guidelines.

Compound Preparation and Amount

Prepare at least 50 μl per compound, at a concentration of at least 100x the highest concentration to be tested for biochemical screens and 1000x for cell-based screens in DMSO. Although DMSO solutions are preferred, we can also accept powder preparations as long as the MW of the compounds are included to ensure accurate dilutions are made. If sending a powder, please send 1-3 mg, depending on the MW of the compound. If we experience issues with compound solubility, unless informed otherwise, we will take the following steps to solubilize the compound:

  • Further dilution (if possible)
  • Sonicate
  • Heat at 50°C 
BPS will store compounds for a period of no more than 6 months after receipt. 

Compound Submission Documents

Fill out the Compound Submission Form and include it with your compounds when shipping in addition to emailing it to the email address provided on the form.

Please note: In order to minimize the turnaround time for service orders, please fill out the Compound Submission Form as completely as possibleFailure to include a Compound Submission Form with accurate and complete information will result in delayed screens. 

Compound Shipping

Mail your compounds to:

                  BPS Bioscience, Inc.
                  ATTN: Kevin Kurtz
                  6042 Cornerstone Ct. W., Suite B
                  San Diego, CA 92121 USA
                  Tel #: (858) 202-1401
Once the package has been shipped, notify us of the tracking number so we can monitor the shipment and ensure they arrive safely.


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