TR-FRET Assay Kits


Time-Resolved FRET (TR-FRET) is a technique commonly used to analyze the binding of two interacting partner molecules, such as proteins. The technology is a combination of Time-Resolved Fluorescence and Förster’s Resonance Energy Transfer, a phenomenon in which a light-excited fluorophore can transfer its absorbed energy to a nearby acceptor fluorophore. The transferred energy results in increased fluorescence emission from the acceptor and reduced emission signal from the donor.   

BPS Bioscience offers over 80 assay kits for drug discovery in the TR-FRET format with new products developed regularly. The figure illustrates the general concept. The specific design of each kit will vary.  

The benefits of our TR-FRET assay kits include:

No Wash

Simple Operation

High Sensitivity

lanthanide donor fluorophores

Homogeneous, no-wash format makes it simple for high throughput screening.

Simple operation.

High sensitivity with low background noise.

Use of lanthanide donor fluorophores minimizes photobleaching.

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