Cell-Based Assays and Expression Kits

Cells can be engineered to serve as readouts for cell-based assays as a complement or alternative to biochemical assays. A variety of cell-based assay types can be used for research and development applications, including signaling pathway analysis, inhibitor/activator studies, CAR-T cell functional screening, ADCC assays, high-throughput screening systems and much more. We provide a variety of cell-based assay expression kits to allow you to engineer your own cells for research in your desired model system or cell library.

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Cell Transfection Kits Featuring the Transfection Collection™

The Transfection Collection Transient Packs provide a complete solution for researchers interested in transient transfection assays to study pathways of interest. The packs include our reporter kits, which contain transfection-ready vectors that can be used to monitor signaling pathway activity, screen for activators or inhibitors, and to study the effects of RNAi, knockout, or gene overexpression on the activity of a given pathway. These reporter kits contain vectors that encode firefly luciferase as a pathway responsive reporter and Renilla luciferase constitutive expression for normalization. The pack also includes our TWO-Step Luciferase detection reagents to detect both luciferase activities (Cat. #60683). Finally, the pack contains optimized cell culture media for the specified cell line used in the assay (Cat. #79259). If only the expression vectors are needed, these are provided as Reporter Kits.

Transfection Kits with Ready-to-Use Target Cells

For co-culture cellular assays to identify checkpoint molecule inhibitors, we provide a number of kits with luciferase reporter effector cells. The kits include expression vectors for TCR activator and PD-L1 or PD-L2, growth-arrested PD-1/NFAT reporter Jurkat cells, cell assay medium, ONE-Step™ Luciferase Assay reagent, and an anti-PD-1 neutralizing antibody as a positive control. These kits enable screening of inhibitors or activators of PD-1 signaling in a cellular context or characterize the biological activity of PD-1 and its interactions with ligands.

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