Virus-Based Tools

Virus-based tools such as Lentivirus, Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV), and Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (VSV) are critical for cell engineering and the study of viral infection.  We have designed a suite of ready-to-use viral reagents to address a wide span of research areas including virology (particularly Coronaviruses), immunotherapy, CAR-T therapy, CRISPR, cell signaling, and more. 




Custom development is available across all viral product types.  Contact us for more information.


Comparison of Virus-Based Products

  HIV-based lentivirus VSV Delta G AAV
Genome size 9.7 kb 11 kb 4.7 kb
Suggested max insert size 10 kb 4.5 kb 2.5 kb
Genome type ssRNA ssRNA ssDNA
Pseudotyping Yes Yes No
Integration Yes - stable (retrovirus) No No
Transduce exogenous gene of interest Yes - stable  Yes - transient Yes > 6 months
Time to peak expression 72 hours 24-48 hours 7 days (2 weeks in vivo)
Biosafety level 2 2 1
In vivo use (animals) Low efficiency - Most suitable
Immune response Yes, medium - Ultra-low
Prefered applications Gene transfer (in vitro, stable) Model viral infection Gene transfer (in vitro and in vivo)