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BPS Bioscience’s purpose is to advance new scientific discoveries that lead to therapies by creating innovative solutions for research. We focus on emerging research needs and rapidly deliver tools to enable progress. When new research projects face limited assay solutions, we can quickly develop novel products and services that are effective and consistent.

Our ever-expanding catalog of over 4500 products has enabled discoveries worldwide from large pharmaceutical companies to small academic labs. Our products have been extensively cited with increasing numbers each year. Browse our citations. We understand that science never stands still, so we strive to stay at the forefront of discovery. Every month, we release dozens of useful, high-quality products.


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>4500 products, especially focused on drug discovery targets

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Sales Support

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Infographic: How BPS Bioscience Products Drive Pre-Clinical Drug Discovery

How BPS Bioscience Products Drive Pre-Clinical Drug Discovery

BPS Bioscience products are intended to enable research through each phase of the pre-clinical drug development process. This infographic outlines where our different product types can be used. Some can be used across many research phases. For example, cell lines can be during the compound screening phase to analyze toxicity, while fluorescent cell lines could be used for in vivo studies. Our collection of complementary products provide a suite of solutions that ultimately drive research throughout early drug discovery.