AlphaLISA® Assay Kits

AlphaLISA® is a technology developed by PerkinElmer that enables quantitation of protein-protein binding, in a bead-based, no wash assay system.  While it is often used in sandwich ELISA-type assays, it can also be developed for direct binding assays (protein-protein, protein-DNA, protein-substrate, RNA-RNA, etc.) that can be used to screen for inhibitors of these interactions.  The principle of the assay is based on laser excitation of an Alpha Donor bead at 680 nm resulting in the emission of singlet oxygen molecules to an Acceptor bead which then fluoresces at 615 nm when in proximity of the donor. 

BPS Bioscience offers over 75 assay kits for drug discovery in the AlphaLISA® format with new products developed regularly. The figure illustrates the general concept. The specific design of each kit will vary. For example, the protein or substrates could be recognized using tags or antibodies, instead of biotin-streptavidin. 

The benefits of our AlphaLISA® assay kits include:

Homogeneous, no-wash format makes it simple for high throughput screening.

Large dynamic range, up to 4-5 logs.

High sensitivity with low background noise.

Small volume reactions saves on sample consumption.

AlphaLISA is a registered trademark of PerkinElmer.

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