Gene & Cell Therapy

Gene and cell therapies are paving the way for innovative treatments that can offer new hope for patients with previously untreatable diseases.

Gene therapy and cell therapy are cutting-edge medical approaches aimed at revolutionizing healthcare. Gene therapy involves the manipulation and introduction of genetic material into a patient's cells to correct genetic disorders or enhance therapeutic effects. This can be achieved by delivering healthy genes to replace faulty ones or modifying existing genes to improve their function. Cell therapy, on the other hand, utilizes the unique regenerative properties of stem cells or other functional cell types to repair or replace damaged tissues or organs.

Products that Enable Gene Therapy and Cell Therapy Research

We provide a collection of critical tools for gene and cell therapy research applications.

High-Titer AAVs for Cell Engineering

  • Reporter AAVs with luciferase or fluorescent protein markers (ZsGreen, mCherry, eGFP) for visualizing and quantifying gene expression
  • SaCas9 containing AAV vectors for CRISPR applications
  • A comprehensive suite of AAV serotypes, including AAV-DJ, an engineered serotype capable of transducing a broad range of cell types.
  • AAV ONE-Extract™ solution for particle purification
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iPSC-Derived Cells

  • StemBright™ Reporter iPSCs and iPSC-derived cells engineered to express a conditional reporter gene for cell signaling pathway studies or constitutive reporter expression for cell tracking
  • Let us design your engineered iPSC of interest, differentiate large numbers of cells, or screen your compounds of interest in our iPSC or differentiated cells
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High-Titer Lentiviruses for Cell Engineering

  • Over 150 available off-the-shelf products with custom development available
  • Integrating and non-integrating CRISPR/Cas9 lentiviruses for target knockdown
  • Luciferase and eGFP reporter lentiviruses for measuring signaling pathway activation
  • CAR and antigen-specific TCR for adoptive cell therapy research
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Custom Product Development

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