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Our key to innovation is understanding the questions that researchers are trying to answer. Knowing this, we’ve been able to develop a number of critical assay kits, proteins, antibodies, cell lines, and lentiviruses that are truly unique.

Our Systematic Approach to Research Solutions

Science is advanced through the culmination of data that supports a hypothesis. For complex biological systems, orthogonal approaches are often needed for validation. To address these needs, we provide an array of research products that are tailored to complement each other and offer the best solution for your research. Below are some examples of how we accomplish this.

Multiple Formats for Assay Kits

Multi-Species Options

Protein Mutations and Biological Complexes

High Selectivity Assays

Solutions Built to Your Specifications

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Our core technologies include:

Custom Expression

Cell Line Development

Protein Labeling

High Titer Lentivirus Engineering