Apoptosis Screening & Profiling

Apoptosis is a form of programmed cell death that results in specific cellular changes including cell shrinkage, membrane blebbing, DNA fragmentation, and nuclear fragmentation. Apoptosis is a normal process that routinely occurs in multicellular organisms to eliminate unwanted cells. In certain disease states, such as cancer, loss of apoptotic pathways results in prolonged tumor cell survival. Therefore, restoring the defective pathway(s) may be desirable. In other cases, such as neurodegenerative diseases or HIV, prevention of apoptosis may be of value. Thus, targeting proteins involved in apoptosis is a key area of research and development for drug discovery.

We offer a select number of screening and profiling services for apoptosis targets to enable your drug discovery program. Our team of experts, using our in-house developed biochemical assay kits, will:

  • Screen for hits in large compound libraries
  • Compare potency with IC50 screens
  • Answer your questions and guide your project in a timely manner
  • Deliver detailed results promptly and on time
Apotosis Screening and Profiling Services

If follow-up studies are required, we can provide the same active protein as the one used in our assay.

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Note: Not all targets will have a commercially available reference control. Please inquire with our team if you need to furnish your own controls for specific targets.