Cell Lines

Cell lines have become an extremely useful tool for the study of protein interactions, gene activation, and other biological processes in a more natural biological system than cell-free assays. BPS has developed and selected for numerous stable cell lines that are applicable for a wide range of research applications. Additionally, BPS has a Cell Line Rental Program for select cell lines.

Luciferase Reporter Cell Lines
BPS’s cell signaling cell lines utilize the firefly luciferase reporter system. Our luciferase reporter constructs contain the firefly luciferase gene downstream of a response element that is specific for the particular cell signaling pathway being studied. Upon transcription factor binding to the response element, luciferase protein is transcribed. After addition of luciferin, luciferase converts luciferin to oxyluciferin in a reaction that gives off light. This bioluminescent reaction is readily detected and the amount of light given off is proportional to the amount of luciferase that has been transcribed and translated in the cells. Our portfolio is continually growing and currently includes a number of disease-relevant signaling pathways such as Notch, Wnt, Hippo, ARE, Gli, and many more.

BPS Bioscience provides signaling pathway screening services to investigate cell signaling pathways and signal transduction. All of our cell lines have been extensively validated and are provided with detailed protocols that include instructions for general cell culture and maintenance, as well as example experimental setups. Each cell line is tested for viability and biological activity before shipping to ensure valid, reproducible results and to minimize the need for end-user optimization and troubleshooting.


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