Fluorogenic Assay Kits

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Fluorogenic assays are a convenient method to screen for inhibitors of enzymatic activity. The technique involves an enzymatic target peptide that contains both a fluorescent donor and a quenching acceptor. When the target molecule is intact, fluorescence is quenched. Upon enzymatic cleavage, the quenching acceptor is released from the proximity of the fluorophore allowing for fluorescence emission.  

BPS Bioscience offers over 90 fluorogenic assay kits for drug discovery and analysis, including critical targets such TMPRSS2, HDACs, MMPs, 3CL Protease, Caspases, and many more.

The benefits of our fluorogenic assay kits include:

Homogeneous, no-wash format makes it simple for high throughput screening.

High specificity.

High sensitivity with low background noise.

Simple operation.

Catalog #
  1. 3CL Protease, MBP-tagged (SARS-CoV-2) Assay Kit
    61 citations

    96 reactions
    384 reactions

    As low as $910
  2. 3CL Protease, Untagged (SARS-CoV-2) Assay Kit
    39 citations

    96 reactions
    384 reactions

    As low as $865
  3. BACE1 Assay Kit
    1 citation
    96 reactions
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