DNA Replication & Repair Screening & Profiling

DNA replication and repair are crucial processes for maintaining genetic integrity and ensuring the accurate transmission of genetic information necessary for cell division, growth, and development. Errors in replication can lead to mutations, resulting in genetic disorders and increased susceptibility to diseases like cancer. DNA repair mechanisms play a vital role in identifying and correcting damage to the DNA molecule caused by various internal and external factors, such as chemical agents, radiation, and replication errors. Without efficient repair mechanisms, DNA damage can accumulate, leading to genome instability and the potential for cell death or malignant transformation. Thus, the proper functioning of DNA replication and repair processes is essential for maintaining genome stability, cellular homeostasis, and overall organismal health. However, therapies are now targeting DNA repair as a mechanism to induce synthetic lethality in cancers, enabling new modalities to overcome cancers.

Sources of DNA damage and repair pathways.

We offer rapid and dependable biochemical assay screening services to find compounds and biologics that affect DNA replication and repair pathways and proteins. Our team of experts, using our in-house developed biochemical assay kits, can provide:

  • Screen for hits in large compound libraries
  • Compare potency with IC50 screens
  • Answer your questions and guide your project in a timely manner
  • Deliver detailed results promptly and on time

If follow-up studies are required, we can provide the same active protein as the one used in our assay.

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Note: Not all targets will have a commercially available reference control. Please inquire with our team if you need to furnish your own controls for specific targets.