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With BPS Bioscience's custom protein development services, we use optimized conditions to generate recombinant proteins with high purity and high yields. Projects are composed of five milestones where data is provided after each milestone completion. Each project is customizable through working directly with our team of highly trained scientists. Contact us to learn more about these services. 



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Unless provided, BPS can supply the image clone or synthetic DNA. Mutations will be introduced if needed. Confirmation of successful cloning will be completed through gene sequencing. For baculovirus generation and Sf9 insect cell expression projects, the plasmid will be transformed into competent cells, purified, and screened for positive clones using PCR.  

Protein Tags: His, GST, Myc, FLAG, Avi, MBP, Fc-fusion

Protein Expression and Purificaiton

Expression & Purification 

The plasmids will be transfected through using lipofectamine, electroporation, or lentiviral transduction with the desired expression system.

Expression Systems

  • Mammalian (HEK293 or CHO-K1)
  • E. coli
  • Baculovirus/Sf9 insect cells
  • Virus Like Particle (VLP)

Next, the cells will be harvested and the proteins purified. If necessary, BPS can perform buffer exchange and concentrate the samples. 

Customizable Purification Options

  • Additional rounds of column purification
  • Endotoxin testing
  • Inclusion body purification
  • Biotinylation (Avi-Tag or Side Chain) and pull down QC testing
  • Protein labeling services
  • Protein refolding
  • Phosphorylation and dephosphorylation

Protein Activity Testing

Activity Testing

Choose to test your custom protein using BPS Bioscience's collection of >200 biochemical and cell-based assays, or we can develop a new custom activity assay. Additionally BPS can provide thermal shift assays if desired. 

Bulk Protein Production

4. Bulk Protein Production

BPS has the capabilities to scale up protein production and produce the product in bulk. Our team of scientists will re-express and re-purify the protein while making any necessary adjustments to the formulation to meet any necessary specifications. 

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5. Special Requirements

BPS offers many additional options for protein expression. 
Contact us to learn more about how we can create a custom protein for you. 

Customizable Options

  • Mass Spectrometry / NMR studies
  • X-ray crystallography studies
  • Glycosylation and post translational modification studies
  • Mutagenesis studies
  • Epitope mapping studies
  • Protein conjugation with probes and dyes
  • Protein binding and protein interaction studies


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