Custom AAV Services

Adeno-Associated Viruses (AAV) are useful for gene therapy due to their gene transfer efficiency and safety. Inside the cell, AAVs are episomal and result in the sustained expression of a gene of interest for up to 6 months in non-dividing cells. Our off-the-shelf AAVs can be used in a Biosafety Level 1 (BSL-1) facility.

BPS Bioscience is developing a portfolio of AAV products to support your research needs. Our custom services team will accelerate the design and production of ready-to-use viral particles to transduce cells with your gene(s) of interest. Applications include CRISPR-mediated genetic engineering, protein expression, and the design and optimization of AAV-mediated gene transfer using reporter AAVs, and shRNA transducing AAVs.

Our Deliverables to You

  • Products that meet specifications in terms of titer, size, purity and packaging.
  • Direct, consistent communication with experienced development scientists.
Custom AAV Services

AAV Reporter Vectors

Reporter proteins, such as luciferase or fluorescent markers, are ideal to visualize and/or quantify gene expression following AAV transduction. Luciferase, ZsGreen, and mCherry-containing AAVs can be used to optimize transduction and experimental conditions, track transgene expression over time, or be used as internal controls. BPS Bioscience offers a selection of AAV Reporter vectors. If your ideal vector is not in the list, we can build it for you.

CRISPR/Cas9 AAV Vectors

Cas9 is an endonuclease enzyme that is recruited to a specific DNA sequence by the sgRNA (single guide RNA) to introduce a double stranded break in the DNA. SaCas9 (Staphylococcus aureus CRISPR associated protein 9) has demonstrated high cutting efficiency in mammalian cells, and its smaller size makes it ideal for packaging into AAV. These AAV-SaCas9 vectors are used to generate a SaCas9 over-expressing cell line for knockout or knock-in studies.

AAV shRNA Vectors

RNA interference (RNAi) allows highly specific protein knockdown mediated by mRNA degradation and inhibition of translation. AAV vector-based RNAi drives prolonged reduction in the level of mRNA targets in live animals. Short-hairpin RNA (shRNA) is one of the most widely used RNA interference methods to inhibit protein translation in vivo. Our scientists will design and validate your AAV-shRNA of choice and deliver ready-to-use particles following your specifications.

Custom Packaging

Our scientists will design the AAV serotype you choose and deliver ready-to-use particles following your specifications regarding titer and packaging requirements. See below for information to provide our team when requesting custom packaging services.

Request Quote

Information needed for custom AAV design:

  • Provide your gene template.
  • If you would like us to synthesize a gene without a template, please provide the gene number, sequence map, species, and gene region.
  • To generate AAVs for the manipulation of gene expression using techniques such as RNAi or CRISPR, provide us with target gene information such as database accession number, species, and gene length (ideally, under 3.2 kb).
  • Indicate if you prefer a specific promoter to be used in the construct.
  • Indicate if you would prefer to use a particular reporter gene.
  • If two or more genes will be co-expressed, provide all relevant information for each gene.

For custom packaging services:

  • Please indicate which AAV serotype you will use. Our team is available to guide your selection if needed.
  • If you are unsure about the desired serotype, we offer reporter AAVs for comparison of various serotypes to help you determine the optimal serotype for your experiments.
  • If providing your own plasmid for packaging, confirm ITR spacing and fully sequence the plasmid to avoid possible complications associated with common mutations driven by the presence of the ITRs. Send us the vector map and the full sequence of the plasmid.
  • When placing your custom order, indicate the desired amount, titer, and packaging requirements for your deliverable AAV.