CAR-T Cell Therapy

Engineering T cells using a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) to boost specific immune cell killing has made significant progress in the treatment of some cancer types. CAR-T cell therapy may also have potential benefits beyond cancer treatment, including treatments for infectious and chronic inflammatory diseases such as hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, lupus, and arthritis. Companies are also investigating CAR-T cell therapy in organ transplantation to eliminate the need for lifelong immunosuppressants. The future is bright and expanding for CAR-T research, and BPS Bioscience continues to develop a unique suite of tools to help researchers create, evaluate, and enhance CAR-T cells for the improvement of human health.

Our products enable advancements in CAR-T cell research

Our solutions support critical steps in CAR-T cell therapy research and development spanning from creation of CAR-T cells through to functional testing and validation, according to the workflow below.

Our off-the-shelf products are ready to ship upon order, and we also have custom capabilities to build unique reagents to your specifications and quantities. Learn more about custom products and services. We can also help you design your CAR and generate CAR cells from start to finish. Learn more.

Lentiviruses are the ideal tool for transducing CAR genes into primary cells. Our replication-incompetent lentiviruses have been VSV-G pseudotyped, making these virus particles safe, stable and especially useful across a wide range of cell types, particularly T cells in culture. Our high-titer, CAR lentivirus products enable high transduction efficiency with long-term, stable expression in resting and actively dividing cells. Learn more.

Our expertise in cell line engineering has produced a selection of unique products for CAR-T research. We have created a collection of TCR, B2M, and CIITA knockout cell lines to model potentially universal CAR-T cells. We also provide cell lines expressing common CAR targets, such as BCMA, CD19, CD20, and more, many of which include the luciferase reporter for simple monitoring. Additionally, we provide ready-to-use CAR-expressing cells for assay design/optimization and as a positive control in co-culture assays. All our cell lines are accompanied by optimized thaw, growth, and assay media products as well. View Cell Line Products.

Recombinant proteins can be used for a variety of purposes for CAR-T cell research. We provide biotin and PE-labeled versions of many of the target antigens for CARs, such as BCMA, CD19, CD22, CD38, CD123, and ROR1. These PE-labeled proteins can bind to CAR-T cells and be detected by flow cytometry, in order to verify CAR-T cell antigen recognition. View Protein Products.

We offer select cytokine ELISAs, including IFNγ, IL-2, and IL-1β for evaluating the amounts of cytokines released by CAR-T cells upon activation. View Products.

Primary human cells, including PBMCs and purified CD4+ and CD8+ cells, are critical for CAR research. We provide convenient “thaw-and-go” vials of pathogen-screened T cell and PBMCs from healthy donors. As positive controls, we also provide anti-BCMA and anti-CD19 CAR-T cells. View Primary Cells.

As new CAR approaches are developed, BPS Bioscience will be there to support scientists with new and innovative products and services. Stay in touch with us to receive updates on our latest offerings.

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