Fluorescence Polarization Assay Kits

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Fluorescence polarization (FP) assays utilize the fact that the light-depolarizing properties of a fluorophore can change when it interacts with or dissociates from a much larger partner.  Therefore, FP-based assays detect dynamic interactions in which a fluorescent tracer transitions from low polarization to high polarization upon binding with a target to form a larger complex.  These assays can be applied to drug discovery screening simply by adding compounds or biologics to determine if the molecules of interest disrupt the polarizing interaction.

Learn more about the background and applications of fluorescence polarization in our Tech Note.

We offer over 50 FP Assay Kits for inhibitor screening of important targets such as PARPs, JAKs, KRAS, phosphodiesterases, and much more. Note that FP assays require plate readers capable of measuring fluorescence in parallel and perpendicular channels at excitation and emission wavelengths suitable for the fluorophores used in each assay.  


The benefits of our fluorescence polarization-based  assay kits include:

Homogeneous, no-wash format makes it simple for high throughput screening.

Small volume reactions saves on sample consumption and reagent costs.

Real-time readings do not require equilibrium conditions.

Highly stable, allowing for repetitive measurements.

Catalog #
  1. PARPtrap™ Assay Kit for PARP1
    4 citations

    96 reactions
    384 reactions

    As low as $2,230
  2. PARPtrap™ Assay Kit for PARP2

    96 reactions
    384 reactions

    As low as $2,050
  3. PDE10A Assay Kit
    3 citations
    96 reactions
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