Luminescent Assay Kits

Our luminescent assays are designed using Promega’s ADP-Glo® or Kinase-Glo® reagents, which contain luciferase, to measure kinase activity. In the assays, a purified active kinase phosphorylates a substrate, a process in which ATP molecules are converted to ADP. The available ATP in the well is then measured by the ATP-dependent conversion of luciferin into oxyluciferin by the luciferase enzyme, producing a luminescent signal. Thus, the signal readout is inversely proportional to the kinase activity. The assays are homogenous, requiring no wash steps, making them ideal for high throughput screening of kinase inhibitors.     

BPS Bioscience offers 80+ luminescent-based assay kits for drug discovery and analysis. In addition to kinase assays, we offer assay kits to measure the activity of metabolic enzymes such as ATP Citrate Lyase or Acetyl-Coenzyme A Carboxylase.

The benefits of our luminescent assay kits include:


Homogeneous, no-wash format makes it simple for high throughput screening.

Large dynamic range.

High sensitivity with low background noise.

Simple operation.

ADP-Glo and Kinase-Glo are registered trademarks of Promega Corporation.

Catalog #
  1. CDK1 Assay Kit
    7 citations
    96 Reactions
  2. CDK2 Assay Kit
    14 citations
    96 Reactions
  3. CDK4 Assay Kit
    4 citations
    96 Reactions
  4. CDK5 Assay Kit
    2 citations
    96 Reactions
  5. CDK7 Assay Kit
    5 citations
    96 Reactions
  6. CDK9/CyclinT Kinase Assay Kit
    8 citations

    96 reactions
    384 reactions

    As low as $575
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