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Cell signaling plays a pivotal role in biology as it regulates various physiological processes crucial for the functioning of organisms.

Cell signaling encompasses a complex network of communication pathways that enable cells to perceive and respond to external cues, including hormones, growth factors, and environmental stimuli. Understanding cell signaling pathways is essential for unraveling the mechanisms underlying development, homeostasis, immune response, and disease progression. Researchers require techniques such as genetic manipulation, biochemical assays, cell models, and pharmacology to decipher these intricate signaling networks, leading to insights into disease mechanisms. Moreover, advancements in cell signaling research hold promise for the discovery of novel drug targets and the design of more effective treatments for a wide range of medical conditions. BPS Bioscience drives discovery with our rapidly expanding portfolio of reporter cell lines and cell-based assay systems.

Luciferase Reporter Cells for Interrogating Cell Signaling Pathways

Innovative Tools for Cell Signaling Research and Discovery

Reporter Cell Lines

Cell Signaling Reporter Cell Lines
  • 120+ reporter cell lines
  • Novel receptor systems, including DR3, GLP-1R, TRβ, ADAR1, and many more
  • Cell line subscription program
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High-Titer Lentiviruses

Cell Signaling Reporter Viruses
  • Ready-to-use reporter systems, ideal for target gene expression and functional validation
  • Robust transduction into cell lines, primary cells, and non-dividing cells
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Cell-Based Assay Kits

Cell Signaling Reporter Cell Based Assay Kits
  • Transfection kits for generating your own reporter cell models
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