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Metabolism is the set of life-sustaining chemical reactions in organisms carried out by metabolic enzymes that convert food into energy, build and repair tissues, and manage waste products.

Metabolic enzymes are crucial biological catalysts that regulate the myriad of chemical reactions essential for maintaining cellular function and overall homeostasis. By facilitating and accelerating metabolic processes, these enzymes play a pivotal role in energy production, synthesis of biomolecules, and detoxification of harmful substances. Their significance extends to human health, as dysregulation or genetic mutations of these enzymes can lead to metabolic disorders and diseases, including diabetes, cancer, and inherited metabolic syndromes. Understanding the function and regulation of metabolic enzymes is, therefore, fundamental for developing therapeutic strategies to treat various metabolic and chronic diseases.

Metabolism Pathway Diagram

Essential Tools for Metabolism Research

Assay Kits

Metabolism Assay Kits
  • Inhibitor screening kits for small molecule discovery
  • Ready-to-use complete kits
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Recombinant Proteins

Metabolism Proteins
  • Extensive selection of highly purified active metabolic enzymes
  • Featuring ACC1/2, COX1/2, IDO1/2, NAMPT, PHGDH, and many more
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Cell Lines

Metabolism Cell Lines
  • Optimized cell-based systems for quantifying metabolic signaling pathways
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Metabolism Inhibitors
  • Known positive control inhibitors for metabolic enzymes
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