Neuroscience research is making strides towards solutions for CNS-related disorders.

By exploring the structure, function, and development of the central nervous system (CNS), neuroscience provides insights into the fundamental mechanisms underlying how our brains function. This knowledge is essential for advancing our comprehension of neurological disorders, mental health conditions, brain malignancies, and brain-related injuries, leading to improved diagnostic techniques, novel therapeutic interventions, and more personalized treatments. Ultimately, neuroscience research is indispensable for enhancing human well-being, unraveling the complexities of the mind, and shaping the future of medicine and technology.

Novel Products for Neuroscience Research

We provide a suite of innovative tools for Neuroscience research applications.

Cell Lines

  • High throughput screening tool to identify receptor/pathway inhibitors
  • Featuring CGRPR/CRE Luciferase Reporter HEK293 Cell Line
  • Cas9-expressing Neuro2A Cell Lines and Cell Pool for CRISPR applications
  • Voltage-gated ion channel expressing cell lines
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High-Titer AAVs for CNS Cell Engineering

  • Reporter AAVs with luciferase or fluorescent protein markers (ZsGreen, mCherry, eGFP) for visualizing and quantifying gene expression
  • SaCas9 containing AAV vectors for CRISPR applications
  • CNS-targeting AAV serotypes, including AAV-DJ, an engineered serotype capable of transducing a broad range of cell types.
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Assay Kits

  • Biochemical assay kits for high-throughput compound screening to identify small molecule inhibitors
  • Featured targets: BACE1, PDE9A2, SARM1, TRKA, TRKB, and TRIM24
  • Screening & profiling services available
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Recombinant Proteins & Antibodies

  • Bioactive recombinant proteins for enzyme assays and binding studies, featuring ADAR1, GFRAL, PDE9A2, and TRIM24
  • Isoforms and mutant variants for Tau and LRRK2
  • Neutralizing antibodies against: β-NGF, GFRAL, and β-Amyloid
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