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New Strategies for Cancer Immunotherapy

The immune system plays a large role in a body’s fight against cancer, but tumors can avoid the immune response. Scientists work to restore anti-cancer immune activity by augmenting existing immune mechanisms and circumventing tumor immune-evasion strategies. In this virtual symposium, an expert panel will examine immunotherapies and other immune-supporting strategies that help prevent, control, and eliminate cancer.

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Optimization and Functional Characterization of CAR T and CAR NK Cells

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell and natural killer (NK) cell therapy holds tremendous promise as a viable therapeutic option, but it also raises concerns and uncertainty when meeting the desired patient outcome and safety. Hence, robust functional and analytical characterization at every stage of CAR T/NK cell development is needed to quantify the composition, potency, and safety of these therapies. Such detailed characterization done in vitro and in vivo can help monitor and predict their behavior downstream. This webinar brings together a group of post-doctoral fellows from labs that are developing and using new tools and assays that can reliably and efficiently help characterize CAR T and NK cells.

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Overcoming the Challenges of Gene Therapy

In this seminar, Drs. Dawn Bowles, Samira Kiani, and David Schaffer will discuss the challenges of developing gene therapies and novel strategies to make AAV gene therapies safer and more effective. The scientists address: gene therapies to improve cardiac transplant outcomes and minimize the need for immunosuppression, new immunoregulatory strategies to address immune responses to gene therapies and enhancing viral gene delivery and manufacturing using directed evolution and genetic selection.

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