Assay Medium 1B

Catalog #: 79617-1
Size: 100 ml
Catalog #: 79617-2
Size: 500 ml

This liquid Assay Medium is optimized for use in cellular assays in select BPS Bioscience’s cell lines, including:

• TGF/SMAD Signaling Pathway SBE Reporter – HEK293 Cell Line #60653

• AP-1 Reporter – HEK293 Recombinant Cell Line (JNK signaling pathway) #60405

Supplied As:
Sterile filtered (0.2 µm) and Mycoplasma-free
Endotoxin Level:
All components are low endotoxin
Assay Conditions:
For detailed cellular assay protocol, see cell line data sheet.
MEM medium (Hyclone #SH30024.01) supplemented with 0.5% FBS (Thermo Fisher, #26140079), 1% non-essential amino acids (Hyclone #SH30238.01), 1 mM Na pyruvate (Hyclone #SH30239.01), 1% Penicillin/Streptomycin (Hyclone SV30010.01).
Each lot is tested for growth of recombinant cells. FBS is ISIA-certified and sourced from the United States of America.
Storage / Stability:
Upon receipt, the medium should be stored in the dark at 4°C. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Do not exceed 37°C. When stored in the dark at 4°C, the product is stable for six months after first thaw.
Scientific Category:
Cell Signaling Pathway
Product Type:
Data shown is lot-specific. Contact us for specific information on other lots.

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