Immunotherapy Screening

BPS Bioscience offers rapid and dependable Immunotherapy Screening Services of small molecules, peptides, and antibodies against requested targets by IC50 determination. Our team of experts along with our broad services portfolio make it easy to:

  • Screen for inhibitors/targets
  • Select from IC50 determination and single point concentrations
  • Receive data within days of compound submission
  • Perform follow-up studies using the same soluble receptors manufactured in-house
  • Get questions answered or project guidance in a time-efficient manner

Biochemical Assays:

CD39 OX40:OX40L
CD40: CD40L PD-1:PD-L1/2
CD47:Sirpα  PD-L1:B7-1
CD73  TIGIT: CD155
CD137:CD137L TPH1/TPH2

Cell-Based Assays:

CD40: CD40L OX40:OX40L
CD137:CD137L PD-1:PD-L1/2


Immunotherapy is a new and innovative way to treat disease. Rather than use localized and ineffective treatment methods, immunotherapy has emerged as an all-encompassing way to help the body effectively fight against disease. The immune system protects us against viruses, bacteria, and many diseases. But unfortunately, sometimes the immune system fails to recognize pathogens as a threat. The result of this immune system failure can be disastrous as cancer cells spread throughout the body and disease wreaks havoc on the individual.

The power of immunotherapy comes from its ability to specifically tailor immune responses to target dangerous cells. These therapeutic methods can alter how the immune system perceives diseases in order to enhance immune responses. For example, cancerous cells often have mechanisms in place to avoid immune system detection. As a result, the immune system does not recognize the cancer as a threat so the tumorous cells proliferate and spread throughout the body.

Traditional cancer treatment methods like chemotherapy treats the patient with toxins as a way to kill the cancerous cells. But this approach often is too general and broad, resulting in the death of healthy cells as well. 

Immunotherapy achieves high levels of specificity through the use of small inhibitors, activators, antibodies, and through targeting unique receptors. State of the art immunotherapy technology is revolutionizing drug development and forever altering how we treat disease.

Other Assays:

BPS offers screening services that allow researches to distinguish between reversible and irreversible inhibitors of IDO1 and TDO. See our IDO/TDO Inhibitor Mecahnism of Action Screening Services page. 

We also can develop custom Immunotherapy Services for a large variety of other immunotherapy targets, as seen in the table below. 

Other Immunotherapy Targets:

5'Nucleotidase/CD73 CD44 LAG3 (CD223)
B7-2 CD70 LAT
B7-H4 CD155 Mouse CD155
B7-H5 CD160 Monkey PD-1
CD27 GITR (CD357) Monkey PD-L1
CD40L (CD154) ICOS (CD278) TIM-3


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Not quite what you’re looking for? 
BPS offers Cell-Based Immunotherapy Assay Screening Services for certain Immunotherapy targets. In addition, our Custom Assay Development Services allow for flexibility to meet your specific research needs