CD73 Screening Services

CD73, or cluster of differentiation 73, is an enzyme which hydrolyzes AMP to adenosine. Increased concentrations of adenosine in the microenvironment has an immunosuppressive effect and promotes tumor cell growth.

Adenosine can enhance tumor growth via two mechanisms – 1) binding of adenosine to A2A and A2B receptors expressed on tumor cells directly promotes tumor cell proliferation and 2) binding of adenosine to A2A and A2B receptors on immune cells such as also  inhibits the activity of pro-inflammatory, anti-tumor immune cells like CD4+ T Cells, CTLs, dendritic cells, NK cells, while and activating immunosuppressant cells likeTregs, MDSCs and TAMs.

Development of inhibitory antibodies and small molecules against CD73 could serve as a new therapeutic strategy in the treatment of cancer. In preclinical models have provided proof of concept for this hypothesis asinhibition of CD73 in mouse models? has resulted in anti-tumor effects.

BPS Bioscience provides both the CD73 protein and a CD73 Inhibitor Screening Assay kit. In addition to these products, BPS also offers CD73 screening and profiling services. Trust us to provide you with high quality data with fast turnaround time. Our team of experts along with our broad services portfolio makes it easy to:

  • Screen for inhibitors/targets using our CD73 assay
  • Select from IC50 determination and single point concentrations
  • Receive data within days of compound submission
  • Perform follow-up studies using the same soluble receptors manufactured in-house
  • Get questions anwered or project guidance in a time-efficient manner

Not quite what you’re looking for? 
BPS offers Cell-Based Immunotherapy Assay Screening Services for certain Immunotherapy targets. In addition, our Custom Assay Development Services allow for flexibility to meet your specific research needs