CD47 Screening Services

Cluster of Differentiation 47, or CD47, plays an essential role in cell growth, death, migration, and adhesion. CD47 binding to SIRP-α mediates phagocytosis by sending a “do not eat me” signal to phagocytes. CD47 proteins are often over expressed by tumor cells as a means for them to escape phagocytosis. As a result, cancerous tumor cells have the ability to proliferate and evade the immune system. 

BPS Bioscience offers CD47:SIRP-α and CD47:SIRP-ɣ screening services to help accelerate your research and drug discovery programs. This biochemical screen is a fast, reliable, and inexpensive initial screen to identify inhibitors of CD47 binding to SIRP-α and/or SIRP-ɣ. Trust us to provide you with high quality data with fast turnaround time. Our team of experts along with our broad services portfolio make it easy to:

  • Screen for inhibitors/targets using our CD47:Sirpα assay
  • Select from IC50 determination and single point concentrations
  • Receive data within days of compound submission
  • Perform follow-up studies using the same soluble receptors manufactured in-house

Get questions answered or project guidance in a time-efficient manner. BPS Biosciences offers a variety of CD47 related products, including

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Not quite what you're looking for? We also offer custom assays for several other immunotherapy targets. Our Custom Assay Development Services allow for flexibility to meet your specific research needs