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Cell Line Development

New :
- PD-1/NFAT Reporter-Jurkat Reporter Cell Line
- TIGIT/NFAT Reporter-Jurkat Reporter Cell Line

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New: IL-17A

Explore IL17A:IL17RA interactions using:

-IL-17A & IL-17RA proteins, & Neutralizing IL-17 antibody
-A unique IL-17RA:IL-17A Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit
-IL-17 screening services, unique to BPS

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Drug Discovery Services

Proven Expertise In:

Protein Expression & Purification
Screening & Profiling
Biochemical-Based Assays
Cell-Based Assays

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Immunotherapy Portfolio

Explore Solutions In:

Cell Surface Receptors
Assay Kits
& Antibodies

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Epigenetics Portfolio

Largest Portfolio of Epigenetics
Proteins, Kits & Inhibitors:

& Deacetylases

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