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BPS Bioscience offers a wide range of service capabilities for a variety of research applications, including drug discovery. Our expert scientists provided fast, reliable services to hundreds of clients worldwide, ranging from top pharmaceutical companies to smaller biotech labs. Timely, reliable results, and affordable pricing are available to you now. Contact us today at (858) 829-3082.

Screening and Profiling

Evaluate lead compounds with our biochemical and cell-based screening services. Save time by letting us screen your compounds of interest against our unique assay panels or determine IC50 values with our portfolio of  hundreds of a assays so you can focus on advancing your drug discovery program.

Cell Line Development

Let our experts help you reduce time and complexity with our stable cell-line development services.  We produce customized cell lines for protein production and compound screening. Our speciality in reporter assays for immune checkpoint pathways provides great opportunities for research into co-immunotherapies.     

Custom Expression

Choose BPS Bioscience for your protein, scale-up, purification and modification needs. Using our Cloning and Expression services, constructs can be optimized for high purity and high yield protein expression. 

Protein Labeling

Working for you, our team of experts can plan and execute custom protein-labeling projects. Often these plans include our gene cloning, assay development, and screening services.