CD19 Positive Cell Isolation Kit

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The CD19 Positive Cell Isolation Kit is designed to magnetically separate CD19-expressing-cells from a complex immune cell population. This kit is optimized for the isolation of CD19 positive cells from normal human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs). Cells are incubated with the antibody:bead complex and placed on a magnet for quick and easy separation. When placed on the magnet, CD19-positive cells will be immobilized along the side of the tube while undesired CD19-negative cells will remain in suspension for easy removal.

B-lymphocyte antigen CD19, B-lymphocyte surface antigen B4, Differentiation antigen CD19, T-cell surface antigen Leu-12
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This kit provides enough reagents and materials for isolation from up to 1 x 108 or 1 x 109 PBMCs. It is possible to use this kit for multiple isolations from smaller PBMC samples.
Materials Required But Not Supplied

1 x 108 Cells

Catalog # Name Amount Storage
  Cell Isolation Magnetic Beads 200 µl +4°C
  CD19 Cell Isolation Antibody 40 µl -20°C
78563 5x Cell Isolation Buffer 25 ml +4°C


1 x 109 Cells

Catalog # Name Amount Storage
  Cell Isolation Magnetic Beads 2 ml +4°C
  CD19 Cell Isolation Antibody 400 µl -20°C
78563 5x Cell Isolation Buffer 250 ml +4°C
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B cells are lymphocytes that play a critical role in the humoral immune response. These cells produce antibodies, present antigens, and secrete cytokines. CD19 is a canonical marker of B cells and is present at most stages of B cell development. In PBMCs derived from healthy individuals, about 5-10% of the cells are CD19+ B cells.