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Immunotherapy is a type of medical treatment that engages the body's immune system to fight diseases, such as cancer, infections, and autoimmune disorders. It works by either stimulating the immune system to attack cancer cells or other disease-causing agents, or by using synthetic proteins or antibodies to target specific molecules on the surface of cancer cells or other pathogens. Immunotherapy has shown promising results in treating various types of cancer, and it is becoming an increasingly important tool in cancer treatment alongside other traditional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.

We offer rapid and dependable biochemical assay screening services to find compounds and biologics that affect Immunotherapy-related pathways and proteins. Our team of experts, using our in-house developed biochemical assay kits, can provide:

  • Screening for activity
  • Compare potency with IC50 screens
  • Answer your questions and guide your project in a timely manner
  • Deliver detailed results promptly and on time

If follow-up studies are required, we can provide the same active proteins as the ones used in our assays.

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Note: Not all targets will have a commercially available reference control. Please inquire with our team if you need to furnish your own controls for specific targets.

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