Cell Media & Luciferase Reagents

Luciferase Assay Systems

BPS Bioscience's luciferase assay systems (both ONE-Step and TWO-Step Luciferase (Firefly & Renilla) Assay System) are sensitive, stable, and convenient reagents to use for quantification of luciferase signals.  

ONE-STEP Luciferase Assay System:
The One-Step Luciferase Assay System is designed to be used for high-throughput, sensitive quantitation of firefly luciferase activity in mammalian cell culture. 

TWO-Step Luciferase (Firefly & Renilla) Assay System
The TWO-Step Luciferase (Firefly & Renilla) Assay System is designed to be used for high-throughput, rapid quantitation of both Firefly and Renilla luciferases from a single sample in mammalian cell culture.

Thaw, Growth, & Assay Media

Thaw Media: BPS Thaw Media are optimized for cell recovery after thawing cells. 

Growth Media: Growth Media contain antibiotics for mainting cell lines over many passages. Growth Media is made up of Thaw Media combined with antibiotics. 

Assay Media: Assay Media is formulated for specialized assays to optimize performance and signal induction. For the majority of BPS cell lines, thaw media can also be used as assay media. 

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