Custom Cell Line Development

Let us help you reduce time and complexity with our stable cell line development services. BPS Bioscience’s team of experts can generate stable cell lines that constantly express proteins of interest at high, homogeneous levels.

Mammalian Expression Vector

With our cell line development services, the gene of interest will be cloned into the desired mammalian expression vector. The parent cell line will then be tested for its sensitivity to selection antibiotics and optimized for transfection conditions. The stable cell line is generated by the transfection of the expression construct into the parent cell line with subsequent selection with antibiotics. The individual stable clones will be expanded and screened by Western Blot for optimal expression of the protein of interest. Quality control testing will be performed to ensure that the final stable cell lines meet the requirements of the customers.


  • Stable cell lines for compound screening
  • Reporter Gene assays
  • Cytokine Assays
  • Ion Channel studies

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