JARID1A (KDM5A) Chemiluminescent Assay Kit

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Size: 96 reactions
JARID1A is a member of the Jumonji, AT-rich interactive domain 1 (JARID1) histone demethylase protein family. It binds directly, with several other proteins, to retinoblastoma protein which regulates cell proliferation.
The JARID1A Chemiluminescent Assay Kit is designed to measure JARID1A activity for screening and profiling applications. The key to the JARID1A Chemiluminescent Assay Kit is a highly specific antibody that recognizes demethylated substrate. With this kit, only three simple steps on a microtiter plate are required for detection of demethylase activity. First, JARID1A enzyme is incubated with the methylated H3 peptide for one hour. Next, primary antibody is added. Finally, the plate is treated with an HRP-labeled secondary antibody followed by the addition of the HRP substrate to produce chemiluminescence that can be measured using a chemiluminescence reader.
Supplied As:
Kit comes in a convenient format, with a 96-well strip plate precoated with methylated histone H3 peptide substrate, primary antibody, the secondary HRP-labeled antibody, demethylase assay buffer, and purified JARID1A for 100 enzyme reactions.
DMSO >1%, strong acids or bases, ionic detergents, high salt


Instructions for use:
See assay kit data sheet for detailed protocol.
Storage / Stability:
12 months from date of receipt, when stored as directed. Kit components require different storage conditions. Be sure to store each component at the proper temperature upon arrival.
Great for studying enzyme kinetics and HTS applications.
Klose, R.J., et al. Cell 2007; 128: 889.

The buffer in this kit was reformulated in May of 2015 with a different reducing agent to improve assay performance. The old formulation can still be purchased upon special request.

Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.
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Assay Kit
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