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With BPS Bioscience's cell line development services, we can generate stable cell lines that continuously express proteins at high, homogeneous levels. The development process is comprised of six milestones where data is provided after each milestone completion. Each project is customized for the desired deliverables through working directly with our team of highly trained scientists. Contact us to learn more about these services. 


BPS offers over 70 cell types across cancerous and noncancerous cell lines. To create a cell line in a different cell type, contact us


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                                 Overexpression Cell Line                  Reporter Cell Line                  Lentivirus Cell Line



Overexpression Cell Line•   Screen antibodies or compounds against a given gene
•   Available for ion channel studies, GPCR screens, and metabolite based assays
•   Vary expression levels to mimic different stages of cancer target cells

Example Data:


Flow cytometry using PE conjugated anti-human BCMA (CD269) antibody detects BCMA surface expression of BCMA-CHO Recombinant Cell Lines with different expression levels: #79500-H, high expresser: green; #79500-M, medium expresser: purple; #79500-L, low expresser: brown; WT CHO negative control: red.








Reporter Cell Line•   Test activation or inhibition of a cellular pathway through high throughput screening
•   >20 available reporters
•   Option to c
ustom design a reporter based upon the promoter of a target gene or any available motif.
•  >70 available cell types 


Available Reporters and Example Products: AP-1, ARE, CRE/CREB, FOXOFoxp3, GAL4, GAS, Gli, IL-2. ISRE, Myc, NF-κB, Notch1/CSL, PAI-1, SRE, TCF/LEF, TEAD, TGF/SMAD, RARαRARβRARγ

Example Data: Dose response of anti-PD-1 (#71290)  and anti-PD-L1 (#71213) neutralizing antibody in PD-1/NFAT Reporter-Jurkat cells (#60535).

PD-1 PD-L1 Antibody Dose Response 


Lentivirus Cell Line•   Efficient and stable gene transfer

•  Ideal for larger inserts (~10 kb)

•  Genes can be delivered to both dividing and non-dividing cells

•  Up to 100% transduction of immortalized cells






Vector Icon
1. Molecular Biology

BPS will generate expression vectors using the available image clone, or through the use of synthetic DNA to stably transfect the gene of interest using the desired expression system. Unless provided, BPS can supply the cloning vector, image clone, or synthetic DNA. 

Pool Selection Cell Line

2. Selection and Pool Generation

Parental cells will be transfected with the expression vector the desired targets. The cell pool will be selected for over the course of several days using antibiotic selection markers to ensure stable integration of the plasmid. The parental cell line can be provided or it will be supplied by BPS. 

Limiting Dilution Clonal Selection

Limiting Dilution and Clonal Selection

Based upon the results of the initial pool testing, the cell pool will be clonally diluted and the single cell derived clone will be selected. 

FACS Data Icon

4. Confirmation of Expression

The expression level of the target protein will be analyzed via Western Blot or FACS. 

Functional Validation Icon

5. Functional Validation

Cells will be treated with a reference control compound to obtain dose response titration data. 

Stability Testing Cell Line

6. Stability Testing

The desired number of clones will be selected for passage stability testing. The cells will be grown for an agreed upon number of passages. Mycoplasma testing and cell banking services are available upon request. 

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