Kinase Screening & Profiling

Kinases use ATP to catalyze the transfer of a phosphate group to another molecule, generating ADP in the process. There are over 500 kinases encoded by the human genome controlling approximately 50% of all cell functions. Kinases are divided into distinct families based upon their substrates: lipid, nucleotide, carbohydrate, and protein.

Many kinases act as proto-oncogenes which, when overexpressed or mutated, support oncogenic transformation and tumorigenicity. Therefore, kinases represent attractive therapeutic targets in oncology.

Kinase Screening and Profiling Services

Our team of experts, using our in-house developed biochemical assay kits, will:

  • Screen for kinase inhibitors from large compound libraries
  • Compare potency with IC50 screens
  • Answer your questions and guide your project in a timely manner
  • Deliver detailed results promptly and on time

If follow-up studies are required, we can provide the same active proteins as the ones used in our assays.

Learn more about the process and deliverables.

Kinase Assay

Kinase Activity Assay

A purified active kinase is incubated with a test inhibitor. The reaction is initiated by adding the appropriate substrate and ATP. A luminescent reagent such as Kinase-Glo® is added for detection of the reaction products.

JH2 Domain Inhibitor Screening Assay

Kinase JH2 Domain Inhibitor Screening

Fluorescence Polarization Assay: The assay uses a fluorescent JH2-binding probe that emits differently polarized light depending on its binding with a JH2 domain. Addition of a binding inhibitor decreases the fluorescence polarization signal in a dose dependent manner. This is a homogeneous assay.

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Note: Not all targets will have a commercially available reference control. Please inquire with our team if you need to furnish your own controls for specific targets.