Human EGFRvIII CHO K1 Cell Line (High or Low Expression)

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Recombinant hEGFRvIII-CHO K1 cell line stably expressing full-length human EGFRvIII receptor (accession number NP_001333870). Surface expression of hEGFRvIII was confirmed by flow cytometry. Each stable clonal cell line was selected for different levels of hEGFRvIII expression (High and Low) to mimic different stages of cancer target cells with various EGFRvIII expression levels.

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ERBB cells, HER1 cell line, NISBD2 stable cells , PIG61 cells, epidermal growth factor receptor cell line, EGFR-vIII
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Storage and Usage
Host Cell Line
CHO-K1 cell line, Chinese Hamster Ovary, epithelial-like cells, adherent
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Each vial contains ˃1 x 106 cells in 1 ml of Cell Freezing Medium (BPS Bioscience #79796)
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Materials Required for Cell Culture

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Thaw Medium 3 BPS Bioscience #60186
Growth Medium 3B BPS Bioscience #79529
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Mycoplasma Testing

The cell line has been screened to confirm the absence of Mycoplasma species.


The epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR, ErbB-1, HER1) belongs to a family of receptor tyrosine kinases that includes three other closely-related members (HER2, HER3 and HER4). EGFR gene amplification, mutation and re-arrangement are frequently observed in primary glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). The most common EGFR variant in GBM, EGFRvIII, is characterized by a deletion of 267 amino acids in the extracellular domain, leading to a receptor that is unable to bind ligand yet is constitutively active. EGFRvIII enhances the tumorigenic potential of GBM by activating and sustaining mitogenic, anti-apoptotic, and pro-invasive signaling pathways.