Quick PCR™ Cloning Kit with competent cells (Discontinued)

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Catalog number 20030, Quick PCR™ Cloning Kit with competent cells (Discontinued), has been discontinued. Please find our suggested alternative here.

The BPS Bioscience Quick PCR™ cloning kit allows for the insertion of multiple DNA fragments into the desired vector in a single reaction. No ligation step is required, saving time and effort. The method is fast, simple, and efficient. Go from PCR product to transforming cells in under an hour! Simply mix the purified PCR product with the vector in a 1:1 molar ratio (Total DNA : Vector) and follow the protocol. Efficiencies of >90% are routinely obtained. Available with or without competent cells for even greater efficiency and flexibility.

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Reagent A
Reagent B
Buffer A
10X BSA (0.1% w/v)
Quickgrow™ E. coli competent cells
assay kit
Efficiencies of >90% are typical.
The Quick PCR™ Cloning Kit is a simple and highly efficient method to insert any gene or DNA fragment into a vector, without time-consuming ligation steps. Multiple PCR inserts can be added in a single step. The procedure is easy: a primer set homologous to the gene of interest and the vector are used to amplify a PCR product. This purified PCR product is incubated with restriction enzyme-digested vector and Reagent A of the Quick PCR™ Cloning Kit. Following a brief (5 minute) incubation with Reagent B, the annealed vector is ready for transformation.