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Development of a Cell-Based Reporter Assay for Measuring ADAR1 Editing Activity for Drug Discovery and Cell Biology Research

Adenosine Deaminase Acting on RNA (ADAR) enzymes perform adenosine to inosine base editing in RNA, particularly targeting adenosines located within a specific double-stranded stem-loop motif. ADAR1 plays important roles in inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and cancer, and represents an attractive target for therapeutic development. BPS Bioscience has developed and validated high-throughput, cell-based assays for measuring ADAR1 editing activity. This webinar will describe the principle of these cell-based assays, present data, and discuss the scientific applications of the cell lines.

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The Role of ADAR1 in Biology and Disease Tech Note

Fluorescence Polarization Assays

Fluorescence polarization assays (FPAs) are a powerful tool for measuring molecular interactions in solution. This video explores the principles behind this technique, its applications in biochemical assays, and its significance in life science research. We discuss advantages and limitations of FPAs, demonstrate a software setup and running of an example assay, and explain how calculations are performed. We conclude with the available fluorescence polarization resources available on bpsbioscience.com.

Fluorescence Polarization Assays

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New Strategies for Cancer Immunotherapy

The immune system plays a large role in a body’s fight against cancer, but tumors can avoid the immune response. Scientists work to restore anti-cancer immune activity by augmenting existing immune mechanisms and circumventing tumor immune-evasion strategies. In this virtual symposium, an expert panel will examine immunotherapies and other immune-supporting strategies that help prevent, control, and eliminate cancer.

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