Anti-CD28 Agonist Antibody

Catalog #: 100182-1
Size: 50 µg
Catalog #: 100182-2
Size: 100 µg
Species: Human
Host Species: HEK293
MW: Heavy Chain: 51 kDa; Light Chain: 27 kDa
Clonality: Monoclonal
Isotype: IgG1
The T cell-specific receptor CD28 is an important regulator of the immune system. The ligation of CD28 and its ligands CD80/CD86 on the APC provides a critical costimulatory signal alongside T cell receptor (TCR) for T cell activation. The costimulatory signal can also be delivered by the interaction between CD28 and its agonist antibody.
Recombinant monoclonal antibody recognizing human CD28. This antibody binds to CD28 on T cells and promotes T cell response. Not tested in other species.
T-Cell-Specific Surface Glycoprotein, TP44
Assay Conditions:
Serial dilutions of anti-CD3 (BPS Bioscience, #71274) and CD28 antibodies were added to the IL-2 reporter-Jurkat cells, then incubated at 37°C incubator for 16 hrs. After the treatment, perform Luciferase assay using One-Step Luciferase assay system (BPS Bioscience, #60690)
8 mM Na Phosphate pH 7.4, 110 mM NaCl, 2.2 mM KCl and 20% glycerol
Protein A affinity chromatography from HEK293 supernatants.
Aqueous buffer solution.
Storage / Stability:
Stable for at least 12 months at -80°C.
This antibody is useful for activation of CD28 costimulatory pathway in T cells
1. Takemura, S., et al., FEBS Letters, 2000; 476: 266-271.

Protect from light. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles. Store diluted antibody with carrier protein (BSA 0.1 – 0.5%) at 4°C, stable for 2 weeks.

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