Cell Based Assay Kits

Recent advances in cloning and transfection technologies have made genetic transformation of cells for the purpose of studying biological processes easier and more efficient compared to previous methodologies. BPS has taken advantage of these improvements to develop convenient, easy-to-use cell-based assay kits that complement our broad portfolio of cell-free assay kits. These reporter assays are useful tools for monitoring signaling pathway activity, to study the effects of RNAi or gene overexpression, and to screen for small molecule inhibitors. The kits come with transfection-ready DNA plasmids, many of which contain luciferase reporter plasmids under the control of response elements specific to the cell signaling pathway being studied. For more information on luciferase reporters, see our Recombinant Cell Lines.

BPS offers a wide selection of cell-based assay kits, all of which come with detailed protocols for general transfection procedures and example experimental setups. As a complement to our cell-based assay kits, we also offer Cell-Based Assay Screening Services and Custom Assay Development Services.

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