BACE1, His-Tag (Human)

Catalog #: 71657
Size: 100 μg
Species: Human
Host Species: HEK293
MW: 50 kDa
Genbank #: NM_012104.4
Tag(s): C-terminal His-Tag
a.a: 22-460
Human BACE1, also known as beta-site amyloid precursor protein cleaving enzyme 1 and ASP2, GenBank Accession No. NM_012104.4, a.a. 22-460, with C-terminal His-Tag, MW=50 kDa, expressed in HEK293 cells.
beta-site amyloid precursor protein cleaving enzyme 1, ASP2
40 mM phosphate buffer, pH 7.4, NaCl 0.110 M, KCl 0.0022 M, 20% glycerol
Aqueous buffer solution
Storage / Stability:
At least 6 months at –80°C. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles. Protein may be diluted to ≥ 100 µg/ml in PBS + glycerol and stored at -80°C.
Useful for the study of enzyme kinetics, screening inhibitors, and selectivity profiling.
1. Luo, Y., et al., Neuroscience. 2001 4; 231-232.

2. Cai, H., et al., Neuroscience. 2001 4; 233-234.

Scientific Category:
Product Type:
Recombinant Protein
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