Site-directed Mutagenesis Services

BPS Bioscience’s Site-Directed Mutagenesis enables you to create specific changes to double stranded DNA for:

  • Studying the effects of DNA manipulation on protein activity
  • Screening for mutations
  • Manipulating restriction endonuclease sites

Site-Directed Mutagenesis

BPS will carry out site-directed mutagenesis on the selected sequence to make specified base changes. The strategy may involve a PCR mutagenesis approach, or an oligonucleotide-directed approach, depending on the needs and specifics of the project.

Screened DNA Sequences

All mutagenesis clones are screened by DNA sequence analysis to ensure that the desired base changes have been made, and to ensure sequence integrity of the remainder of the clone.

Plasmid Preparation

You will receive a mini-scale plasmid preparation, and a stab culture of the strain carrying the plasmid, along with a report documenting restriction analysis and DNA sequence analysis.

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