EZH1/EED/SUZ12/RbAp48/AEBP2, His-tag

Catalog #: 51007
Size: 50 µg
Species: Human
Host Species: Sf9 insect cells
MW: 325 kDa (complex)
Genbank #: NM_001991 (EZH1), NM_003797(EED), NM_015355 (SUZ12), NM_153207(AEBP2), NM_005610(RbAP48)
Tag(s): N-terminal His-tag
a.a: 2–end (all components)
Complex of human EZH1, GenBank Accession No. NM_001991, a.a. 2-end, with N-terminal His-tag, MW= 86 kDa, human EED, NM_003797, a.a. 2-end, with N-terminal FLAG-tag, MW= 51 kDa, human SUZ12, NM_015355, a.a. 2- end, with N-terminal His-tag, MW = 87 kDa, human AEBP2, NM_153207, a.a. 2-end, with N-terminal His-tag, MW= 53 kDa, and human RbAp48, NM_005610, a.a. 2-end, with N-terminal His-tag, MW = 48 kDa, co-expressed in baculovirus expression system.
KMT6B, EZH, Retinoblastoma Binding Protein 4 (RBBP4)
Assay Conditions:
50 µl reaction mix (20 mM phosphate pH 7.4, 0.05% Tween-20, 40 µM S-adenosylmethionine, and enzyme complex) add to the wells coated with the substrate on a Neutravidin white plate (G-Biosciences). Incubate for 1 hr. Add antibody against methylated K27 residue of histone H3, incubate 1 hr. Then, add secondary HRP-labeled antibody and incubate 30 min. Finally, add HRP chemiluminescent substrates and read luminescence.
40 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.0, 110 mM NaCl, 2.2 mM KCl, 200 mM imidazole, and 20% glycerol.
Aqueous buffer solution
Storage / Stability:
>6 months at –80°C
Useful for the study of enzyme kinetics, screening inhibitors, and selectivity profiling.
1. Margueron R. et al. Mol. Cell 32, 4, 503-518, 2008.
2. Shen X. et al., Mol. Cell 32, 4, 491-502, 2008.
Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.
Scientific Category:
Product Type:
Recombinant Protein
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