COX2, FLAG-His-tags

Catalog #: 71111
Size: 100 µg
Species: human
Host Species: Sf9 insect cells
MW: 71 kDa
Genbank #: NM_000963
Tag(s): C-terminal FLAG-His-tags
a.a: 1-604 (end)
Human COX2, GenBank Accession No. NM_000963, a.a. 1-604 (end), with C-terminal FLAG-His-tag, MW=71 kDa, expressed in a baculovirus infected Sf9 cell expression system.
cox cox1 cox 1 cox 2 cox2 Cyclooxygenase-2 Prostaglandin-Endo-peroxide Synthase 2, Prostaglandin G/H Synthase and Cyclooxygenase, PTGS2, Prostaglandin H2 Synthase, PHS-2, HCox-2, Inducible Prostaglandin H Synthase 2
Assay Conditions:

Mixed various concentrations of enzyme in Assay buffer (100 mM Tris-HCl pH 8, 3 uM EDTA) with 5 µM Hematin for 10 min then added 100 M Ampliflu Red and 200 μM arachidonic acid. Fluorescence (ex. 535 em. 590) was measured after 5 minutes at room temperature. Reaction volume was 100 μl.

40 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.0, 110 mM NaCl, 2.2 mM KCl, 0.04% Tween-20, 20% glycerol, 80 µg/ml FLAG peptide, 300 µM diethyldithiocarbamate and 0.08% Triton X-100.
Aqueous buffer solution
Storage / Stability:
At least 6 months at -80°C
Useful for the study of enzyme kinetics, screening inhibitors, and selectivity profiling.

1. Kosaka, T., et al., Eur J Biochem. 1994 May 1;221(3):889-97.
2. Cox, D.G., et al., Br J Cancer. 2004 Jul 19;91(2):339-43.

Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.
Scientific Category:
Metabolic Enzymes
Product Type:
Recombinant Protein
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