LAG3 / NFAT Reporter - Jurkat Recombinant Cell Line

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Lymphocyte-activation gene 3 (LAG3, CD223) is a cell surface protein that belongs to immunoglobulin (Ig) superfamily. LAG3 is expressed on activated T cells, natural killer cells, B cells, and plasmacytoid dendritic cells. Its main ligand is MHC class II, to which it binds with higher affinity than CD4. It negatively regulates cellular proliferation, activation, and homeostasis of T cells, in a similar fashion to CTLA-4 and PD-1, and has been reported to play a role in Treg suppressive function. A number of LAG3 antibodies are in preclinical development for treatments for cancer and autoimmune disorders. LAG3 may be a better immune checkpoint inhibitor target than CTLA-4 or PD-1 since antibodies to these two checkpoints are only activating effector T cells, and not inhibiting Treg activity where an antagonist LAG3 antibody can both activate effector T cells (by downregulating the LAG3 inhibiting signal) and inhibit induced (i.e. antigen-specific) Treg suppressive activity.

Recombinant Jurkat T cell expressing firefly luciferase gene under the control of NFAT response elements with constitutive expression of human LAG3 (lymphocyte-activation gene 3, CD223, GenBank Accession # NM_002286). LAG3 / NFAT Reporter - Jurkat Recombinant Cell Line

Materials Required But Not Provided:

LAG3, LAG-3, CD223, Cell Line, Jurkat
Mycoplasma Testing:
The cell line has been screened using the PCR-based VenorĀ®GeM Mycoplasma Detection kit (Sigma-Aldrich) to confirm the absence of Mycoplasma species.
Growth Media:

Thaw Medium 2 (BPS Cat. #60184): RPMI1640 medium (Life Technologies #A10491-01) supplemented with 10% FBS (Life Technologies #26140-079), 1% Penicillin/Streptomycin (Hyclone #SV30010.01).

Growth Medium 2A (BPS Cat. #60190): Thaw Medium 2 (BPS Cat. #60184) plus 1 mg/ml of Geneticin (Life Technologies #11811031) and 200 μg/ml of Hygromycin B (Life Technologies #10687-010).

Each vial contains 2 x 10^6 cells in 1 ml of 10% DMSO
Storage / Stability:
Immediately upon receipt, store in liquid nitrogen.
Screen for activators or inhibitors of LAG3 signaling in a cellular context and characterize the biological activity of LAG3 and its interactions with ligands.

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Cell Line
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