LSD1 Substrate

Catalog #: 50101
Size: 500 µl
MW: 2283 Da
Histone H3 peptide methylated at Lysine 4, substrate for LSD1
>90% by HPLC
Supplied As:
200 ┬ÁM solution in water
Aqueous buffer solution
Instructions for use:

Materials: 2x assay buffer, 200 µM methylated peptide substrate (BPS catalog number 50101), LSD1 (BPS catalog number 50100), Amplex Red reagent, peroxidase

Step 1:
1) Add the entire reaction mixture to a 96 well plate: 20 µl LSD1 (10-15 ng/µl) 5 µl of 200 µM methylated peptide substrate 25 µl of 2x LSD1 assay buffer
2) Incubate for 15-30 min at room temperature.


Step 2:
1) Immediately before use: add 50 µl of 10 mM Amplex Red stock and 100 µl of 10 U/ml peroxidase to 4.85 ml of 1x LSD1 buffer, mix.
2) Add 50 µl of mixture to each well. Mix well.
3) Read fluorescence at ex=530 nm and em=590 nm.

Storage / Stability:

12 months from date of receipt, when stored as directed

Study enzyme kinetics, and screen small molecular inhibitors of LSD1 for HTS applications in drug discovery.

Important: Use of this substrate requires Peroxidase Rxn Grade LSD1, if ordering LSD1 from BPS, please include a request for "Peroxidase Rxn Grade LSD1" with your order. 

Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.
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