Kinetic HDAC Assay Developer

Catalog #: 53029
Size: 1 ml
The Kinetic HDAC assay developer is an essential reagent for signal generation in Kinetic HDAC assays performed with any of BPS Bioscience’s HDAC fluorimetric substrates. The developer sensitizes the deacetylated substrate so that subsequent treatment with the HDAC assay developer produces a fluorophore.
Supplied As:
A 10x concentrate (1 ml) with 10 ml dilution buffer.
Aqueous buffer solution
Instructions for use:
Dilute 10x developer to 1x with dilution buffer before use. Add 50 µl 1x developer per 50 µl HDAC reaction (1:1, total volume 100 µl).
Storage / Stability:

Store in aliquots, only as the 10x concentrate, at -70°C. Concentrate is stable for at least 3 freeze-thaw cycles, but care should be taken that both freezing and thawing steps are done quickly (e.g. liquid N2 or dry ice/EtOH for freezing, rapid finger-rubbing for thawing).

Study of HDAC kinetics, regulation and inhibitor sensitivity. Suitable for use with the Kinetic HDAC assay kits:
• Kinetic HDAC1 Assay Kit
• Kinetic HDAC2 Assay Kit
• Kinetic HDAC3 Assay Kit
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Avoid freeze/thaw cycles
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Product Type:
Kit Reagent
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