CERK Substrate

Catalog #: 40619
Size: 300 reactions
Substrate for ceramide kinase (CERK), optimized for use with β-Octylglucoside mixed micellar assay.
Supplied As:
A 2-component set containing sufficient reagents for 150 × 50 µl assays. Ceramide (0.75 mL @1.25 mM) Ceramide buffer (2 × 1.5 mL)
Aqueous buffer solution, lipid
Storage / Stability:
>6 months at –20°C when stored as components. Prepare substrate immediately before use
Useful as a substrate for CERK activity assays.

1. Wijesinghe, D.S., et al., (2005). J. Lipid Res. 46(12):2706-16.
2. Van Overloop, H., et al., (2006). J. Lipid Res. 47:268-283.

Application Reference:
Biological characterization of 3-(2-amino-ethyl)-5-[3-(4-butoxyl-phenyl)-propylidene]-thiazolidine-2,4-dione (K145) as a selective sphingosine kinase-2 inhibitor and anticancer agent (2013)

Prepare substrate immediately before use. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.
Scientific Category:
Lipid Kinase
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