SLC5A5 – HEK293 Recombinant Cell line

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Size: 2 vials
Iodine transport is essential for the production of thyroid hormone (T4). Sodium Iodide Symporter SLC5A5 (NIS) is a sodium-dependent transporter of iodide into thyroid follicular cells and other peripheral tissues to support T4 synthesis [1]. Lack of iodide transport can result in hypothyroidism and can manifest itself in several disease states like goiter formation and weight gain. SLC5A5 also plays an important role in hyperthyroidism (an excessive production of T4). Expression and activity of SCL5A5 is altered in several forms of cancer. Inhibitors of SLC5A5 have potential therapeutic benefit for the regulation of iodine overload induced by amiodarone or other thyromimetics that can result in hyperthyroidism [2].
Stable recombinant HEK293 cell line expressing human SLC5A5 (UniProt # Q92911) with a C-terminal FLAG- tag. SLC5A5 is a sodium-dependent iodide transporter and is a member of the sodium glucose co-transporter family. The expression of SLC5A5 is confirmed by Western blotting. This cell line can be used to evaluate agents that may affect iodide transport.
Host Cell line:
HEK293 cells
Growth Media:

Thaw Medium 1 (BPS Cat. #60187): MEM medium (Hyclone #SH30024.01) supplemented with 10% FBS (Invitrogen #26140-079), 1% non-essential amino acids (Hyclone #SH30238.01), 1 mM Na pyruvate (Hyclone #SH30239.01), 1% Penicillin/Streptomycin (Hyclone SV30010.01)

Growth Medium 1B (BPS Cat. #79531): Thaw Medium 1 (BPS Cat. #60187) plus 400 µg/ml of Geneticin (Life Technologies #11811031).


Each vial contains ~1.5 X 106 cells in 1 ml of 10% DMSO.

Instructions for use:
See cell line data sheet for detailed culturing and assay protocol.
Storage / Stability:
Immediately upon receipt, store in liquid nitrogen.
• Drug compound screening

• Functional assays


1. Dohán et al., (2003) The sodium/iodide Symporter (NIS): characterization, regulation, and medical significance. Endocrine Reviews 24(1):48-77.

2. Lindenthal et al., (2009) Characterization of NIS inhibitors. Journal of Endocrinology 200: 357–365.

3. Waltz et al., (2010) A nonradioactive iodide uptake assay for sodium iodide symporter function. Analytical Biochemistry 396(1): 91-5.

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Avoid freeze/thaw cycles
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Ion Channel
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Cell Line
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